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domain: net.ua
admin-c: UADM19-UANIC
tech-c: EES3-UANIC
dom-public: YES
nserver: ns.net.ua
nserver: ho1.net.ua
nserver: sns-pb.isc.org
nserver: nix.ns.ua
nserver: ba1.ns.ua
nserver: ns.dn.ua
nserver: ns.kh.ua
nserver: ns.sm.ua
nserver: ns.zp.ua
remark: Ukrainian networking organizations
created: 0-UANIC 19950801000000
changed: UADM19-UANIC 20150417180300
source: UANIC
nserver: ho1.net.ua
ipv6-addr: 2001:67c:258::9
nserver: ns.net.ua
ipv6-addr: 2a03:6300:1:103::180
nic-handle: UADM19-UANIC
organization: Romanenko, Igor
address: 148, Bohatyrska, 6/1
address: 04209 KYIV
address: UA
phone: +380 (67) 4656002
fax-no: +380 (44) 2322181
e-mail: igor@i-frog.net
org-id: N/A
mnt-by: NONE
changed: UADM19-UANIC 20130807013311
source: UANIC
nic-handle: EES3-UANIC
remark: Whois privacy protection service
remark: http://hostmaster.ua/priv.html
e-mail: ees3-uanic@priv.uanic.ua
mnt-by: NONE
source: UANIC
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